Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 2016 – Pattern Play

Teresa’s submission “Pattern Play” was voted in as our theme for 2016  St Vincents’ Exhibition.

Teresa has provided a definition:

“Pattern is an underlying structure that organizes surfaces or structures in a consistent, regular manner. Pattern can be described as a repeating unit of shape or form, but it can also be thought of as the "skeleton" that organizes the parts of a composition”


AND our first challenge is set: Pattern in Fashion


Design and create a piece of Textile Art based on the work of a Fashion Designer of the past or present who uses pattern in their designs. ‘Pattern’ may refer to regular geometric patterning or patterns based on nature …


Any textile/mixed media technique


Any materials – including paper/plastics combined with stitch/fabric, beading, fabric, plastics, felting etc. be aware of 8mm width limit due to glass at St Vincents’


Dressmaker’s mannequin template was provided

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