Monday, July 2, 2018

Make our Own Choice

June 2018 – Make our Own Choice

We again decided on flexibility in 2018.

Each member will explore a favoured theme and technique which will produce a varied and interesting exhibition.

We continue to encourage and support each other at our regular meetings and this seems to be more important and more necessary this year.

Our busy lives can sometimes overtake our love of our textile art and this is when the special friendships we have developed over the years becomes most important.

As a Group we listen to each other and share our stories and then we find we are not alone in sometimes struggling with our work ….. and so we “pick up the threads and fabric” and continue …..

Remember our Exhibition will be early this year

Friday 28th September 2018 to Friday 2nd November 2018

Working together

Sharing Ideas

Challenge 2018

Teresa sets our Challenge for 2018

February 2018 – Teresa sets our Challenge

Teresa has set our challenge and Maureen is especially pleased as it involves birds!

We each have a panel to stitch and have selected a technique to start us moving. Some very brave people have volunteered to take two panels – I wasn’t one of them!

Each panel will flow into the next – here are some completed panels – just a “taster”.

As you can see the panels are interconnected via the “tree” and the results are as varied and diverse as our Group of textile artists.

Robin's interpretation

Sharing and Listening

A few more panels needed

Filament 2018

 2018 – Welcome Gina

Our Exhibition at St Vincent’s Art Corridor will be early this year.

We will install the exhibition on Friday 28th September 2018 and the “take down” date is Friday 2nd November 2018.

And just as important …….

Filament has welcomed Gina as a new member.

Gina is a very skilled and talented artist who is already making a valuable contribution to our Group.

And so we are Seven:

Annette, Gina, Lorraine, Robin, Maureen, Teresa and myself - Christene B.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Christene B






Annette is showing us one of her pieces in progress
Teresa with some of her experimental samples

Robin is sharing some of her ideas

November 2017 – Our Own Choice

Filament has been working throughout 2017 to present another exhibition at St Vincent’s Art Corridor, even if the Blogger volunteer has been unable to keep you informed of our progress – a situation which I will remedy in 2018.

In fact our Exhibition is hanging at St Vincent’s as I update this Blogg and will remain until our “Take Down” date of 15th December 2017.

I urge you to visit the Exhibition – we have tried something new this year – we each work independently – a theme and technique of our choosing.

Annette, Lorraine, Robin, Maureen, Teresa and myself continued to meet throughout the year to share, discuss and support each other in preparing our work and the consensus was that working on our own themes and subject matter and in a technique we enjoyed was very successful and we will continue with this in 2018.

I have included a small taster of the work on Exhibition – don’t want to spoil the surprises.

And so you are invited to come and visit St Vincent’s Art Corridor and experience the Exhibition yourself.
Christene B

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

February 2016 – With a Little Help from our Friends 30 x 30 Exhibition

Filament is one of three Groups involved in the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc February Room Display.

There was no restriction on the theme but there is one unifying element the 30 x 30 size.

The Exhibition will be an eclectic mix of themes, designs and techniques both contemporary and traditional. The viewer will be transported from Antarctica through to bush walking in Australia. We will visit the Inner City of Sydney and we might even see some native Australian animals.

Please visit the Embroiderers' Guild NSW Inc during February to see the Room Display 
at 76 Queen Street Concord West 
Phone 9743 2501

or better still attend the Opening and Floor Talk at the Embroiderers' Guild NSW Inc
Sunday 7th February 2016 between 1.30pm and 3.30pm

Entry Fee of $20 will go towards the Building Fund

Afternoon tea will be provided and some Group members will be available to discuss their work and demonstrate techniques.

January 2016 – Pattern Play - Research

How lucky are we; Robin found an exhibition for us relating to our theme.

Patternation at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre Sutherland.

Annette, our train timetable specialist arranged for us to meet on a specific train in our usual carriage.

And so we enjoyed our visit to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery where the exhibition continued outside into the garden.

This proved to be valuable research into patterns as a number of artists using a variety of media were involved in the exhibition.

Teresa - our curator for 2016

January 2016 – Pattern Play

Teresa’s submission “Pattern Play” was voted in as our theme for 2016  St Vincents’ Exhibition.

Teresa has provided a definition:

“Pattern is an underlying structure that organizes surfaces or structures in a consistent, regular manner. Pattern can be described as a repeating unit of shape or form, but it can also be thought of as the "skeleton" that organizes the parts of a composition”


AND our first challenge is set: Pattern in Fashion


Design and create a piece of Textile Art based on the work of a Fashion Designer of the past or present who uses pattern in their designs. ‘Pattern’ may refer to regular geometric patterning or patterns based on nature …


Any textile/mixed media technique


Any materials – including paper/plastics combined with stitch/fabric, beading, fabric, plastics, felting etc. be aware of 8mm width limit due to glass at St Vincents’


Dressmaker’s mannequin template was provided

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Robin Kaltenbach

Robin Kaltenbach

Robin Kaltenbach

Robin Kaltenbach

Teresa Valenti

Teresa Valenti

Teresa Valenti

Lorraine Falshaw

Lorraine Falshaw

Maureen Thomas

Annette Glare

Annette Glare
Christene B

Christene B

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Landscape Values Still as a Needle

November 2015 – Landscape Values Still as a Needle Exhibition

Annette, Lorraine, Robin, Maureen and Teresa arrived at St Vincent’s Art Corridor early to hang the exhibition.

This was the culmination of a very productive year of design, discovery, learning new skills, discussion, sharing, stitching and laughter.

I will let the photographs speak for themselves.

Better still come and visit St Vincent’s Art Corridor and experience the Exhibition yourself.

Monday, September 7, 2015

August 2015 Business Meeting

Today we shared our ideas, our inspiration and our progress to date.

Maureen is working on “Nightscape” “Dayscape” and “Waterscape”.
And of course Maureen’s birds, as always, feature in her work this time in the form of Australian wading birds based on “Wading Birds of Australia” by David Hollands Photographs by Clive Minton.
To quote Maureen “This book had a profound effect on me – the birds – they fly free”.

Lorraine likes grids and is focused on Aerial landscapes inspired by Nigel Peake. And what better way to work with a grid than canvas work. But Lorraine’s canvases are rich with paint, fabric and stitch.

Teresa is working on a series of small pieces based on areas around Jervis Bay on the South Coast; a Landscape of Memories. Teresa is experimenting with photos printed on silk organza and other sheer fabrics.

Robin’s landscape is inspired by childhood memories of living in the country. And she is exploring a variety of techniques including lino printing, knitting and layering fabric. Robin has an interest in trees and scenery especially as seen from a moving vehicle.

Annette is continuing with her circle series with one of her pieces but is also experimenting with layering hand dyed fabrics. But more than this Annette is working with strips of fabric and “playing and seeing where it goes”.

Christene has returned to felt as her medium and has stayed with her original inspiration of opposites in the landscape; arid and fertile.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015 – Business meeting

We had a brief business discussion.
And then we shared what we have learnt over the last month.

Annette enjoyed a felting workshop with Sachiko Kotara at Timeless Textiles Newcastle.

Maureen and Robin attended workshops at North Sydney Community Centre.

Maureen shared her experiences of Screen printing with Lynne Britten from Batik Oetoro. And Robin enjoyed a workshop “Lino printmaking with Mark Rowden”.

Both had very positive reports about their experiences in fact Robin has enrolled in the next printmaking workshop with Mark Rowden.

And of course Filament enjoyed a very successful weekend workshop.
Articulating Practice – teasing out creative possibilities a weekend workshop with Ruth Hadlow

Some comments:
 “Not starting with an expected outcome but letting the germ of inspiration and it's tangential exploration lead the way to wherever it may go was intriguing and the take home message for me. Pay close attention, analyse what is engaging me, be specific, not what I like but what interests me are only some of the points to consider and pursue.”  Annette

“Letting the imagination run free.”  Maureen

“I now write what I see draw what I see and photograph it and don’t worry what anyone else thinks – but I value feedback.”  Robin

“Ruth advises to work on what excites and interests you, without necessarily having an end point in mind. For me, it goes some way to explaining why I enjoy the thinking and planning phase of a project, but often find it difficult to follow things through to completion. She tells us to ask 'Is it still alive for me?' when deciding whether to continue with a theme or piece of work. One of the other significant points Ruth made was that the sampling we do when working on a project can be the work and that your practice is indivisible from your life.


“Lino printmaking with Mark Rowden”.

Screen printing with Lynne Britten

Felting with Sachiko Kotara