Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015 – Business meeting

We had a brief business discussion.
And then we shared what we have learnt over the last month.

Annette enjoyed a felting workshop with Sachiko Kotara at Timeless Textiles Newcastle.

Maureen and Robin attended workshops at North Sydney Community Centre.

Maureen shared her experiences of Screen printing with Lynne Britten from Batik Oetoro. And Robin enjoyed a workshop “Lino printmaking with Mark Rowden”.

Both had very positive reports about their experiences in fact Robin has enrolled in the next printmaking workshop with Mark Rowden.

And of course Filament enjoyed a very successful weekend workshop.
Articulating Practice – teasing out creative possibilities a weekend workshop with Ruth Hadlow

Some comments:
 “Not starting with an expected outcome but letting the germ of inspiration and it's tangential exploration lead the way to wherever it may go was intriguing and the take home message for me. Pay close attention, analyse what is engaging me, be specific, not what I like but what interests me are only some of the points to consider and pursue.”  Annette

“Letting the imagination run free.”  Maureen

“I now write what I see draw what I see and photograph it and don’t worry what anyone else thinks – but I value feedback.”  Robin

“Ruth advises to work on what excites and interests you, without necessarily having an end point in mind. For me, it goes some way to explaining why I enjoy the thinking and planning phase of a project, but often find it difficult to follow things through to completion. She tells us to ask 'Is it still alive for me?' when deciding whether to continue with a theme or piece of work. One of the other significant points Ruth made was that the sampling we do when working on a project can be the work and that your practice is indivisible from your life.


“Lino printmaking with Mark Rowden”.

Screen printing with Lynne Britten

Felting with Sachiko Kotara

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